Vaccination Centre

Once the baby is born, it is essential to help the child to build a strong immune system to fight against diseases which can be achieved through Vaccination. We at Bala Child Care help you to vaccinate your child at the prescribed periods.

Newborn Care

We also serve as a guide to parents in the months leading up to the birth of your baby. In our expectant parent classes, an informal group meeting held on a monthly basis, we provide advice and tours of our practice. We want you to know exactly what to expect from your relationship with your neonatal pediatrician.

children and adolescent disease management

Personalized Pediatric Dental Care – From Infancy Through Young Adulthood. At the Care For Sure Clinic our teams of specialists provides affordable, comprehensive dental care focused on the unique needs of children from 6 months to 18 years old.

24 hr emergency care

Many times, there may not be a hospital located close to your home, or you do not have time to wait in a hospital emergency room before receiving emergency medical care and treatment. Care For Sure provides the only 24-hour urgent care facility in our state. Our urgent care center offers typical primary care physicians care and much more. We offer procedure rooms for Pediatric services and Dental services.